Serena Giust, UX writer and team leader

I was born in 1990, in Italy. Since 2016 I live in Amsterdam and I work for I’m a UX Writer and team leader in tech: I collaborate with designers, developers, product owners and marketing managers.

I like to carry on my personal projects on the side, which is why I wrote a book and I often take part in events or trainings.

In the past I worked for Trivago: influencer marketing, copywriting, social media. I loved the job, my role was very creative at the beginning but it became more and more data driven over time.

Before that I was a barista, seven long and passionate years surrounded by people: this was a great training for user experience!

In my free time I do CrossFit and I run (sometimes) half marathons. I do this to compensate all the pizzas I eat and the gintonic I drink. I am passionate about interior design, especially the natural beauty of Nordic style.

I lived in Spain and Germany. Now I’m in the Netherlands. I sold my old car and bought a little flat with narrow stairs. Also a bicycle with a big basket, like a proper dutch woman. I feel pretty good here. I go back to Italy often though, because home is where my family is.


UX Writing Manifesto

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