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    Wedding diaries #04

    Only a few days left until the wedding, we’re almost there. Nervous? Yes, very much so. Panic due to weather…

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  • wedding invites


    Wedding diaries #03

    So here we are, 2023, the countdown has started and I’m totally feeling it! During the holidays we were in…

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  • Leading Design Conference


    Did I lose my voice? Thoughts from Leading Design conference ’22

    Seat 11F on my flight back to Amsterdam, next to the emergency exit. I didn’t realise that while I was…

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  • wedding

    Wedding diaries #02

    Here I am again, 4 months after our engagement and the start of our wedding preps. How is it going?…

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  • UX Writing Manifesto


    UX Writing Manifesto

    10 principles for writing copy that converts


    How to create the perfect Portfolio

    A guide to showcase your skills and knowledge, what you have accomplished and what you are capable of