• Wedding diaries #04

    Personal, wedding • 12 May 2023

    Only a few days left until the wedding, we’re almost there. Nervous? Yes, very much so. Panic due to weather alert for endless rain? Also. But despite this mix of emotions and blender in my head, I’m super happy to have made it this far and ready to experience the big day! Also looking forward to relaxing a bit afterward 🙂 In the last few months, we’ve worked hard on all the details, and I haven’t updated you all. So here’s a preview:

    The food

    In March, we flew to Italy, specifically to Ferrara (Emilia Romagna) to meet Vittorio and the catering team of Fuori Rosa. Their name was suggested to us by Elisabetta, our wedding planner, and I must say that we were immediately intrigued by the personalised offering and the touch of Emilia that differentiated it from the classic Venetian catering. Not to take anything away from Veneto…. but have you ever tried Emilian food?? A little spoiler: there will also be some “gastronomic surprises” directly from Holland during the aperitif!

    When we arrived at the restaurant, we were immediately pleased with the kindness and elegance of the staff. We appreciated the great attention to wine and the good balance of flavors in the dishes. Choosing the final menu was very difficult, but we opted for delicate flavours, seasonal food, and veg options. The cake was prepared on the spot, in front of us – that day we were also celebrating our birthdays and anniversary! So special.

    In the second part of the evening, we went upstairs and got lost among dishes, glasses, silverware, and tablecloths to choose from. Who would have thought that there were 7,893 different shades of napkins? I saw Patrick go pale for a moment, but then he recovered, and, in fact… he was the one who chose the final combination!

    The photos

    On the same weekend, we also met Matteo, the photographer who will be present on our big day. I had noticed him via a beautiful wedding gallery, set right at Ca’ Marcello, to the point that I had mentioned him in the first article I wrote, describing the location. He noticed my mention, and wrote to thank me and wish me a happy wedding. I took it as a sign, and decided to ask him to accompany us for that day!

    We met in Pian Cansiglio to get to know each other and take some pics together, and there was immediately great bonding. We really liked the photos that came out of it, I think they reflect well who Patrick and I are.

    The translation

    We worked hard to make the wedding as inclusive and welcoming as possible. Guests are coming from all over the world and speak different languages. I decided to involve Francesca (Punto F) in the organization, she will be the interpreter and also take care of collecting and translating our vows and the speeches of the witnesses. Fra and I had been following each other on Instagram for a long time, and we finally got to know each other in Amsterdam a few weeks ago!


    Last step before the big day, our bachelor/bachelorette parties! The good news is that we survived. I went quad, and Patrick dressed up as Mario – was it coordinated?!

    Well folks, now I’m off to run from the hairdresser for my very last appointment, and tomorrow we pack our bags and leave. See you in Italy ♥

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