• wedding

    Wedding diaries #01

    There’s one thing I noticed, after sharing the news that I got engaged: people love weddings. I was not expecting…

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    10 days between Puglia and Matera: itinerary and costs

    Early holidays for us this year! We received a wedding invite in Lecce and decided to combine this event with…

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  • top greeek islands

    Senza categoria

    My favourite Greek islands close to Athens

    In the last 4 years I travelled every summer to Greece. Not sure why, but after the first time I’ve…

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  • ux writing books


    UX Writing, first steps: books, courses, groups and people to follow

    This is probably the question I get most often: where should I start from? I tried to summarize here all…

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  • UX Writing Manifesto


    UX Writing Manifesto

    10 principles for writing copy that converts


    How to create the perfect Portfolio

    A guide to showcase your skills and knowledge, what you have accomplished and what you are capable of