• My favourite Greek islands close to Athens

    Senza categoria • 29 May 2021

    In the last 4 years I travelled every summer to Greece. Not sure why, but after the first time I’ve been there, I could not stop thinking about it. Greece for me is a great compromise: not too far, not too expensive, a more exotic vibe compared to Spain and Portugal, great food and people.

    I opted for less touristy and crowded islands, therefore without an airport. I flew to Athens, spent a couple of days there, and then took a ferry to the Cyclades islands where I stayed for another week. In total, I’d recommend you to book at least 10 days. Here is my selection:

    Serifos – The hidden gem

    Serifos was love at first sight, hard to forget. There’s something special here. I remember very well the feeling I got when the ferry door opened and less than ten tourists got off with me on that desert island. You could see the Chora (old town) on the top of the mountain, overlooking the coast. There was a time-forgotten city bus and even a donkey waiting for us at the port. The car rental only had very crappy Panda cars to rent. But still, we loved it. This is the place to go if you’re looking for total relax and beautiful beaches. If I am not wrong, this is where we stayed, a very simple and functional accommodation.


    Paros – The romantic one

    Paros is the island I visited last year. It’s the perfect spot for couples: elegant, charming, with loads of beautiful beaches but also bars and restaurants. I loved the style of the island, all the shops and the overall vibe. Naoussa was my favourite spot. I must say that it was not a cheap holiday, it’s quite precey (not like Mykonos and Santorini, but more than Serifos and Ios). We stayed here, at Agrabeli, a quiet and green place, with a wonderful view of the beach. I’d recommend you to rent a car to visit the island properly.

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    Ios – Party vibes

    I can’t explain how much Arianna and I had fun in Ios. The island is great especially for people under 30s – it’s popular among young people. The island is great for having fun but it has also a very charming and traditional vibe, so there’s a bit of everything. The prices are good and you can have fun. I’d totally recommend sleeping at Farout village, where the pool parties start in the afternoon, until the sunset. After that you can grab the bus and go to the old town, where the night begins.

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    And what about you, what’s your favourite Greek island? ♥

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