• Goal

    Show accurate information to ensure people’s expectations are met and their travel experiences are positive

    *designer Mei Zhang


    From qualitative research done in the past, we know that one frequent concern people have when booking an hotel online is whether the information they see is accurate or not. We already know, from our reviews, that a certain percentage of guests find inaccurate content on our website. This could ruin the trust that people have in our website.


    I wrote a survey in order to collect data from guests and share it afterwards with our partners, hoteliers. This survey is multilingual and it allows our partners to receive detailed insights from guests speaking different languages. Only guests who stayed at the property are able to provide feedback. This survey will help partners to better understand the quality of their content and take actions to improve and reflect reality even better.


    We divided the survey into different topics: accommodation information, facilities and amenities, photos. I interviewed several partners by phone, took notes, and ran user testing sessions with my designer to gather feedback from users and understand if we should better clarify questions or include more possible answers. One option we included after the feedback received is related to the impact of COVID-19. 


    We gathered valuable insights about the state of content on our website, that will now be used to improve the product.

    Team: User Generated Content


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