• Goal

    Help people find the right information online by categorising and structuring content clearly


    Our Health & Wellness Facilities section includes swimming pool information, one of the most important selling points for properties. Unfortunately, the current information architecture is neither clear nor interesting, according to our research and feedback received from partners. We don’t yet know how many pools a property has, or which details relate to which pool.


    Qualitative and quantitative. I collaborated closely with my designer to launch an internal survey, an online user test, and to analyze the feedback we received from guests, in order to identify problems and patterns. We did a competitive analysis, to see how other players in the market are displaying this type of information. I also researched on different markets, small local operators and alternative competitors, such as cruises.


    Second step was an analysis on the information architecture. We worked on taxonomies and ontologies, to understand: how can we organise pool data in a more logical way? This exercise allowed us to rethink about the whole area and better structure content. We created a long term vision for the page and its elements.

    *designer Alex des Forges


    Swimming pools are now standing out, with all their relevant information. Dividing the elements in different categories allowed us to be more specific. We are now able to add more details as well, such as different photos for each pool.


    A good information architecture ensures that users spend less time and effort searching for information and are successful in finding what they need.

    Team: Partner Services


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