• Wedding diaries #03

    wedding • 16 Jan 2023

    So here we are, 2023, the countdown has started and I’m totally feeling it! During the holidays we were in Italy and we went together, Patrick and I, to visit Ca’ Marcello. I was afraid that with winter colors, grey sky, and no flowers, he would not get the best first impression but… he was really happy about it! And I fell in love another time.

    Now that every little detail is getting in shape, is nice to imagine how this day will be. I’ve changed my mind at least 2000 times about everything (including the dress) during these months, but I never had doubts about this location.

    Another element I’m really satisfied with is the stationery – all the graphics and printed stuff. So far we’ve worked on the invites and website, and we’re now thinking about the next items: welcome sign, ceremony booklet, tableau de marriage, table signs, menu, and drinking list. Gosh, getting married it’s ALOT of work.

    The invite 💌

    I guess I love to overcomplicate my life, reason why I didn’t want to pick a pre-made template. I wanted our invite to be unique, useful, and pretty too. The idea was to include a map of Veneto so that people traveling from abroad could immediately understand where the location is, and how to move around in case they wanna move around in those days. The first person who came to my mind was Silvia: she does amazing illustrations (like this one, of Venice) and I believe her simple, cozy and elegant style fits well with the overall mood we’re trying to create.

    I started by saving all the inspiration on Pinterest and designing a mockup on Figma. From the idea to the final execution we had an enormous amount of iterations – I thought Silvia would kill me at some point, with all my requests! The format I chose was a zig-zag folded, but it was extremely difficult to find a studio available to print this format, and pretty expensive too – so I’d not recommend it (unless you’re insane like me). We made a “VIP pass” for family and witnesses, who’ll sleep with us during the weekend, and “The night before” a voucher for a welcome drink, for people traveling from abroad. A final detail: cute little sticker with the logo, to close the envelopes.

    Was it worth it? Totally, I love it.

    The website ℹ️

    The invite has a QR code linked to a page on my website, where people can find more information about the wedding day, and what to do in the area. Designing website content is my job, so I really enjoyed working on it.

    I shared my ideas, content, and Figma file with Giada, who’s my website designer and developer – she did the magic. We added a live countdown and a short quiz (to make it more interactive) created with Typeform. People can test themselves, on how much they know me and Patrick! And of course, there’s RSVP page where we collect the responses, allergies, and suggested songs.

    Does this look like us?

    I believe the first impression matters, and I hope people got into the right mood with this stationery.

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